Complete Care

Combine it with a data backup, and we can get your computer running like new (even better!), and get your precious data back in its proper place.  All updates, drivers installed, tuned up to work at its best!


Complete Care: $99

Backup: $25 (media extra)

Virus Removal

For those times when you have a bit of malware and maybe some speed issues.  Not for those times when you have ransomware, file damage or operating system damage.  


Virus Removal $79


Is your computer being a little pokey, running hot, being standoff-ish and kind of a jerk? Let Don give it a tune-up. Your computer will run faster, cooler, and give you the performance that you originally paid for and probably never got.


Tune-Up: $79

Refurbished Computers

Need a workhorse?  We’ve got ’em.  Off-lease, reconditioned computers–designed for internet use, word processing, spreadsheets.  For a lot less than a new machine.

Raspberry Pi computers

We love these computers!  Perfect for experimenting, programming, learning — at a cost that makes it irresistible.  Designed for education, but it has taken the hobby market by storm.  And we are the only ones in Penticton who sell them (and their accessories)!

TechSavers is a computer repair shop in Penticton, B.C. that can fix your Windows or Macintosh computer, and other tech gear that may be giving you problems. We have refurbished, off-lease business class computers from Dell, HP, and Lenovo. We also provided training services, either one-on-one or classroom settings.