Are we crazy?

That’s what the self-doubt in my head says. It pads itself with other negativities, like “the economy is horrible” and “we may be on the brink of destruction”. Others like “you aren’t good enough” and “there is too much competition” flitter through the conversation like annoying guests at a cocktail party.

But my head has been saying those things for decades now. For those same years, people have approached me with “wow, you really know your stuff!” and “you shouldn’t be working for someone else, you need your own store!”. For every negative thought, there is a positive comment. For every positive comment, there is a negative thought–and they are locked together like two wrestlers looking for an opening to get in a killer blow.

The fact of it is I just don’t embrace change well. But I do know my stuff. I am good enough. The world is going to either blow up, or it isn’t… having a computer store or working for someone else isn’t going to change that. Frankly, owning a business is probably a better position to be in if the economy is horrible; working for someone else is like having blinders on and your hands tied during a knife attack. At least if you are working for yourself you can fight back from the slashing blade.

Working for someone else feels good at first. Then you see that you are billing a hundred dollars for a one hour job that you will make $13 on. Sometimes you are ordered to do things that don’t sit well with your personal values, like unnecessary repair work just to keep margins up. You are also subject to the verbal abuse and other unpleasantness that tends to happen when jockular salespeople blend with computer nerds.

No more! We will succeed or fail with our heads held high. I will go to work with dignity, and my morals intact. I can now turn away work that clashes with my beliefs. No pirated software. Better security. Choosing solutions that are best for the customer.

Time to cast-off. Opening June 1st, 2017.

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