Our Mission Statement

I hate mission statements.  Pretentious and a big waste of time.

If you insist on it though, how about this: we are here to do good work, and to provide for our families.  We value honesty and we value fairness.

Good stuff, and far too rare nowadays.

Meet the Team

Don and Kirby!  Vikki, Marshall, Ava, Lexi (Don’s wife and kids).  Lori, Landon and Logan (Kirby’s wife and kids).  Yes, they are all part of the team, pitching in time and support.  Our business is very much a family business.

Our Story

Kirby and Don have been friends since 1999, when Kirby started working at Northern Computers in Kelowna (Don was already working there).  Kirby’s first day was a Saturday, and Don was his trainer (no one else was working that day).  Don was violently sick and spent most of the day in the meeting room while Kirby had to tough it out by himself, poking his head in to see if Don was still alive.

They’ve been friends ever since.  Many adventures, many bad homemade movies, and other workplaces, other workplace shenanigans.

Finally, we both had enough of corporate politics.  After years of talking about doing our own thing, we’re doing our own thing!

TechSavers Computer Repair is a computer repair shop in Penticton, B.C. that can fix your Windows or Macintosh computer, and other tech gear that may be giving you problems. We have refurbished, off-lease business class computers from Dell, HP, and Lenovo. We also provided training services, either one-on-one or classroom settings.