Computer Repair

Fixed the right way.  Affordable and thorough.  We focus on getting the job done right, not how to wring every last dollar out of you like some repair shops do.

Refurbished Computers

These off-lease, refurbished business-class PCs may be perfect for you.  Designed for web browsing, word processing, spreadsheets…probably the same things you use computers for!

Raspberry Pi gear

One of the hottest tech devices is now available in Penticton!  Come see what these super-cheap computers can do for you.  Great for projects, media boxes, emulators, and more!

Over 40 years of computing experience!

I love computers.  I love showing people what computers can do for them.  Unlike most computer stores, I’m not big on upselling you in order for you to get the solutions that you need.  Often you are buying technology that is overpriced, under-engineered and just not a great fit for you or your company.  Stop buying technology from a salesperson that has weeks, not years, of experience.

I can do better than that.  Talk to me about your real needs–I will find you a real solution.

Next Steps…

I want to hear from you.  Preferably in person, but if you insist on staying at home then that is okay too.


phone: (236) 422-2075



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